Your HVAC system is an important part of your home’s overall protection and safety and must be kept in great shape to avoid serious problems. After all, according to Logan Air, a typical HVAC system lasts just 15 years before it needs replacement or furnace repair. Here are a few signs that your furnace is likely moving towards that situation and needs a little upgrade or repair to keep going.

It Starts Blowing Hot Air

When your HVAC systems start blowing hot air on the cold setting, something is going wrong with your unit. The compressor may have failed, or the refrigerant may be leaking. Turn off your system immediately if you notice this issue and call a repair professional. If you don’t, you may let your system degrade and cause serious damage that may spread unnecessarily through your home.

You Smell Something Strange

While you might notice a slight burning smell when turning your heater on for the first time in the winter (caused by the coils burning dust), any odd smells (such as a sewage or moldy scent) could be a serious issue that must be managed right away. Furnace repair professionals can figure out what is happening and take care of the problem before your unit gets severely damaged, as it may be indicative of a general breakdown in various areas of the unit, problems that must be assessed and managed ASAP.

The HVAC Bill Keeps Going Up

Heating and cooling bills naturally increase over time, particularly when the temperature is quite extreme. However, has your bill jumped unnaturally high in recent months? Your system may be suffering and cycling heavily when you don’t notice. Your system may also be on the brink of collapse, particularly if you find that your bill suddenly goes down because your unit simply isn’t turning on often enough. Contact a professional to take care of this issue. They’ll examine your system and make sure that nothing serious is happening with it.

Other symptoms you want to watch for before calling furnace repair include new and odd operational noises, fast and repeated cycling that keeps your home rather hot or cold, unbalanced heating or cooling through a home, a high level of humidity, and frozen coils. These issues can be fixed by working directly with a high-quality professional who understands each of these steps.

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