HVAC Installation and Repair

Is your HVAC system over 20 years old? Are you about to sell your home? Are you spending too much time and money on repairs?

It’s time to consider replacing your system with a new, energy efficient model.

Regardless of whether you have a heat pump or a furnace, 7th Element Heating and Cooling and has you covered. With over 13 years of HVAC installation and repair experience and proud members of the Better Business Bureau, we can expertly handle all your heating and cooling systems, even if you have a unit that both heats and cools.

Is your HVAC system making strange noises or smelling funny? These are not good signs, even if it appears to be working great. Schedule a maintenance visit by calling or texting 208-724-0111 before you get stuck inside an uncomfortable home and have outrageous repair bills.

HVAC Repair

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